Course Information: Research II  (50829)

This course enables students to understand and apply scientific thought and procedures to social work practice. Emphasis is on the research process and its relevance for social work practice (i.e., conducting a thorough literature review, conceptualizing and operationalizing variables, formulating hypotheses, developing tools of data collection, selecting techniques of data collection, conducting an analysis, and preparing a research report to enhance social work practice).Prerequisites: SOWK 2101/SOCI 2101, 2205, 3201, 3305 and instructor permission

Required Materials:   Not Yet Available
Technical Requirements:   Not Yet Available
Pre-Requisite:   (( (SOWK 2101 with minimum grade: TRC )
OR ( SOCI 2101 with minimum grade: TRC) )
AND ( SOWK 2205 with minimum grade: C )
AND ( SOWK 3201 with minimum grade: C )
AND ( SOWK 3305 with minimum grade: C ))
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Course Attributes:   1. $0 in required textbook costs

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