Course Information: Fluid Mechanics  (20793)

Elements of fluid mechanics; pressure measurement; hydrostatics; forces on submerged plane and curved surfaces, buoyancy; fluids in motion; hydraulic and energy gradients; forces exerted by jets on flat plates and curved vanes; orifices, notches and weirs; flow in pipes; simple pipe networks; open channel flow; pumps, Hydrologic cycle; precipitation data analysis; hydraulics of groundwater exploration; surface runoff; hydrographs; reservoir storage; flood routing; hydrological forecasting; computer applications.

Required Materials:   Not Yet Available
Technical Requirements:   Not Yet Available
Pre-Requisite:   (( (ENGT 3101 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( ENGT 3101 with minimum grade: TRC )
OR ( ENGT 2201 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( ENGT 2201 with minimum grade: TRC) )
AND ( (MATH 2111 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( MATH 2111 with minimum grade: TRC) ))
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Course Attributes:   None

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