Course Information: Essen of Nonprof Org & Ldrshp  (50188)

Nonprofit organizations and nongovernmental organizations are often referred to by the broad term civil society and considered the Third Sector. This course is investigates leadership, management and policymaking in nonprofit organizations and will examine the basic pressures that face organizations today within historical, contemporary, and international contexts. The readings, assignments, and course materials are designed to enhance student understanding of the nonprofit sector in the U.S. and to build conceptual and practical skills needed to perform effectively in positions of substantial management responsibility in nonprofit organizations/nongovernmental organizations. We will address the opportunities for and challenges to organizational effectiveness with a focus reflecting the needs of key stakeholders: nonprofit staff, board members, volunteers, persons considering a career in the nonprofit sector, and those who are seeking to make an impact with their financial contributions. Students with substantial experience in the Third Sector will relate the course materials to their own experiences and perspectives. However, students who have no prior managerial or Third Sector experience (or limited experience) will find the course to be valuable and instructive as a survey of the sector.

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