Course Information: Communicating in Business Env  (21785)

An emphasis on both interpersonal, and organizational communication through written and oral exercises appropriate to business practice. Prerequisites: ENGL 11101, 1102, and CISM 1130 or CSCI 1130

Required Materials:   Textbook: Business and Professional Communication, SAGE. Quintanella ISBN: 978-1-5063-1552-2 Elements of Style, Strunk & White ISBN 13 9780205309023 How to Make Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie ISBN: 0-671-02703-4
Technical Requirements:   Learn to use Microsoft Word, editing and styles functions; become familiar with software platforms for business communications
Pre-Requisite:   (( (CSCI 1130 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( CSCI 1130 with minimum grade: TRC )
OR ( CISM 1130 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( CISM 1130 with minimum grade: TRC) )
AND ( (ENGL 1102 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( ENGL 1102 with minimum grade: TRC) ))
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Course Attributes:   None

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