Course Information: English Composition II  (50054)

A course designed to further develop college-level reading and writing skills. Includes analysis of literary texts and specialized application of the research and writing skills learned in ENGL 1101. Minimum passing grade is "C." Prerequisite ENGL 1101

Required Materials:   Text: Free Open Resources online and in databases
Technical Requirements:   D2L a must! SSU Email Account, which should be checked often D2L/Brightspace (eLearning) account and access Access to a computer with word processing and Internet functionality (SSU student computer labs typically provide this)
Pre-Requisite:   (( (ENGL 1101 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( ENG 107 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( ENGL 1101 with minimum grade: K )
OR ( ENGL 1101 with minimum grade: TRK )
OR ( ENGL 1101 with minimum grade: TRC) ))
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Course Attributes:   1. Dual Enrolled Approved Courses
2. English

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