Course Information: Strength of Materials  (80345)

A comprehensive study of the concept of the stress-strain relationship and how this relates to the design of structural members. Emphasis will be on the stress distribution due to axial tension and compression, thermal, torsion, and transverse loading and their combinations. Course content will also include pure bending, transformations of stress, shear and bending moment diagrams, slope and deflection of beams by integration, and Euler's formula for columns.

Required Materials:   Not Yet Available
Technical Requirements:   Not Yet Available
Pre-Requisite:   (( (ENGT 3101 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( ENGT 3101 with minimum grade: TRC )
OR ( ENGR 2201 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( ENGR 2201 with minimum grade: TRC) )
AND ( (MATH 2111 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( MATH 2111 with minimum grade: TRC) ))
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Course Attributes:   None

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