Course Information: Business Intelligence  (80584)

The aim of this hands-on course is to provide an integrative foundation in the field of business intelligence at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels, and to provide students with an understanding of several data analytics techniques. Students will earn how these tools may be used to analyze complex business problems and identify rational solutions.

Required Materials:   Not Yet Available
Technical Requirements:   Not Yet Available
Pre-Requisite:   (( (MATH 1113 with minimum grade: D )
AND ( (CISM 1130 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( CSCI 1130 with minimum grade: C) )
AND ( (BUSA 2182 with minimum grade: D )
OR ( SOCI 2101 with minimum grade: C )
OR ( MATH 1401 with minimum grade: C) with minimum grade: ) ))
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Course Attributes:   None

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