Creating and Configuring an IMAP account in Microsoft Outlook for UnityConnect Voicemail

To use Outlook to access Cisco Unity Connection voice messages, create and configure a new Outlook
account for the user. You will need the following information:

Active Directory alias.   (hernandeze)
Connection user name.  (hernandeze)
Cisco Personal Communications Assistant (PCA) password. (web application password Connection Administration.)
The IP address of the Connection server.  ( )

To Create and Configure a New Account in Outlook

  • Step 1 Start Outlook.

  • Step 2 On the Outlook Tools menu, click E-Mail Accounts.

  • Step 3 In the E-Mail Accounts wizard, click Add a New E-Mail Account.

  • Step 4 Click Next.

  • Step 5 On the Server Type page, click IMAP.

  • Step 6 Click Next.

  • Step 7 Enter values in the User Information section:
    • a. In the Your Name field, enter a display name for the account. The value that you enter here is visible  ( hernandeze )
      only in Outlook.
    • b. In the E-Mail Address field, enter the Connection alias of the user and the name of the Connection
      server. Use the following format:  hernandeze@unityconnect

  • Step 8 Enter values in the Server Information Section:
    • a. In the Incoming Server field, enter the IP address of the
      Connection server.  ( 10 10.0.17 )
      Caution Do not use the fully qualified domain name of the Connection server unless DNS is configured
      for the network.
    • b. In the Outgoing Server field, click the IP address of the
      Connection server.  ( 10 10.0.17 )
      The Connection server does not actually function as an outgoing e-mail server, but you must specify
      a value to proceed to the next page.

  • Step 9 Enter values in the Logon Information section:
    • a. In the User Name field, enter the Active Directory user name.  (hernandeze)
    • b. In the Password field, enter the Active Directory password of the user.  (*******)
    • c. Verify that the Remember Password check box is not checked. If this option is checked, and the
      Connection password of the user expires, changes, or is locked, Microsoft Outlook will not prompt
      the user to enter the Connection password. The result is that users will not receive voice messages
      from Connection.

  • Step 10 Click Next.

  • Step 11 Click Finish.